Controlled Waste Carrier Licence T00808
ABN 58 167 047 136
22 Sussex Street, Maylands
WA 6051
Ph: 08 6498 9901
Fax: 08 6498 9884
Email: admin@wtmg.com.au
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We collect used and damaged tyres and ensure they are recycled responsibly.
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Recycling is the most environmentally responsible disposal method for waste tyres.
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The inherent strength of tyres is used to produce C4M, a highly sustainable building material.
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Dispose of your waste tyres in the knowledge that they'll be recycled responsibly.
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Waste Tyres Management Global

...is a W.A.-owned and operated waste tyre collection (waste tyre disposal) company which collects used and damaged tyres from retail stores, truck and tyre servicing businesses and the public.  We also accept waste tyres dropped to our site.  We send the tyres to our on-site parent company, Lomwest Enterprises Pty Ltd to be recycled, adhering to strict WA Government Department of Environment Regulations.  Lomwest Enterprises is an accredited waste tyre recycling company.  WTMG Pty Ltd and Lomwest Enterprises are both accredited with the Tyre Stewardship of Australia.  www.tyrestewardship.org.au

WTMG Pty Ltd are able to offer sustainably low prices for the collection of your waste tyres due to the supply agreement with Lomwest Enterprises Pty Ltd, our Parent company, who recycle tyres and repurpose the strength of the tyres into the C4M wall system.

Particular benefits that the Lomwest building product (C4M) recycling offers include:

To enquire about our service or to arrange a tyre collection contact us on 08 6498 9901, email us at admin@wtmg.com.au or use our enquiry form.

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